How to Diagnose Common Automotive Fluid Leaks

Learn how to diagnose common automotive fluid leaks during maintenance & repair inspections. Differential oil looks similar to transmission oil so find out how to tell them apart.

How to Diagnose Common Automotive Fluid Leaks

When you need a Mobile Oil Change in Hanahan SC, the technician will normally inspect your vehicle for any signs or symptoms of leaks. Most fluids in a vehicle have a characteristic color, odor, or viscosity. Differential fluid looks similar to transmission fluid, so the best way to differentiate them is to see where it accumulates. If it's in the rear half of the vehicle, it's probably a leak in the differential.

While the engine is a closed system, it uses a series of seals, gaskets and other connections to hold the parts together and, over time, they will wear out, allowing engine oil to escape. Some liquid leaks are more common than others and each has its own set of symptoms that can help you and your mechanic go in the right direction. If you find a red, brown, or black spot on the garage floor and notice that the vehicle is more difficult to drive or makes a similar sound when turning, you should immediately inspect and repair the vehicle to prevent damage to the power steering components. When it comes to diagnosing fluid leaks during an automotive maintenance and repair inspection, it is important to be aware of the different types of fluids that can leak from your vehicle.

Differential oil looks similar to transmission oil, so the best way to tell the difference is to locate the location of the leak. If it's close to the front of the car, it's probably a leak in the transmission, in the rear, it's probably a differential problem. Liquid leakage can indicate a serious mechanical problem in your car. The best way to determine if the fluid service will include engine oil and if it is possible to repair the engine is to check the oil level with the rod under the hood of the car.

Oil leaks are the most common form of liquid leakage in any vehicle and most cars and trucks will suffer one at some point in their lifespan. If you suspect that your vehicle has a fluid leak, it is important to take it into an experienced automotive repair shop as soon as possible. With 15 locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora and Front Range and nearly 50 years in business, you can count on your locally-owned Colorado AAMCO center to provide expert transmission repair services, brake services, adjustments, oil and filter changes, electrical system repair, fluid service and more for your car, truck or SUV.